Bank deposit payment method

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bank deposit payment method

How to set up a Bank Deposit payment method to receive payments via bank deposit. Adds a simple bank deposit payment method, so that customers may choose to deposit funds into a bank account you nominate. The store. How you pay for an item depends partly on what payment methods your seller accepts. Read the item description before you bid or buy to find out what your. bank deposit payment method Since the two modules I merged had a different approach the merged module obviously cannot be the same as the bank deposit module! Whatever I have put up can be deleted later anyway Certain systems also require the use of a PIN when a debit is used for online purchases. So I will have a look in changing this and instead strongly suggest to use the token which I agree is much better user experience. Using bank transfers to accept payments does not carry any inherent risk to the merchant, which makes it particularly attractive to both high and low risk merchants seeking to reduce chargebacks. I have deleted the games at school on the bank deposit module, maybe you should "post your contribution" here as .


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